Our Black Lights

When I was six, I watched a movie called Batman Forever - and one scene inspired me
Batman Forever Wildfire Lighting Black Light Visuals
When I was 19, I reached out to Wildfire FX, the company that was responsible for that black light scene.
They agreed to Sponsor a short film I was making and sent me every color of fluorescent paint they had as well as one of their 'Effects Master' 48" Black Light Fixtures.

This thing was a game changer!
It enabled me to properly exhibit my first black light art installation at a gallery in Detroit.
Brad Lawrence Black Light Visuals Art Installation - Detroit, Michigan

One single light!

(WildFire was also conceived the same year I was!)

I've chosen to remain with Wildfire products for all of our Black Light needs - we aim to push Black Light Artwork to it's limits, and it's refreshing to see another company so committed to contributing to the ultra-violet community.